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Healthy Eating and Basics essential

concept of Healthy Eating and Basics essential

balanced diet

The human body required food to provide energy for all life processes and for growth, repair and maintenance of cell and tissues.

balanced diet vs healthy diet

balanced diet is better for health is an accepted fact but some believe a healthy diet also mean a balanced diet. . .

Healthy heart tips

Healthy heart tips Every person is aware of that health is wealth. A person who is suffering for unhealthy health pays such lot money on doctors, medicines and hospitals.

Monday, 23 January 2017

Short Tutorial on APJ Abdul Kalam Life History

Short Tutorial on APJ Abdul Kalam Life History

First of all we must salute a such personality and what he have done for humanity. He is a symbol of Hard work & Bravery. He always motivated people. Either he is now in heaven such a great soul but his gave us his teaching and knowledge. Which we have to use in our daily life.

To start with his childhood, Achievement, Facts that most of the people don't know

From childhood to Youg age

 1. Born on 15 October, 1931, in a Tamil family to a boat owner, Jainulabudeen, and Ashiamma, a housewife, in Ramanathapuram district of Tamil Nadu, Kalam's childhood was not easy and privileged.
2. In order to support his poor family, young Kalam used to distribute newspapers after his school hours to add to his father's income.
3. Kalam was a hardworking student too, who enjoyed spending hours on his studies.
4. His favourite subjects were Mathematics and Physics and ultimately, he took up aerospace engineering later in life.
5. His interest and work in aerospace engineering brought him close to India's civilian space program and military missile development efforts.


1. For his work on the development of ballistic missile and launch vehicle technology, Kalam came to be known as Missile Man of India.
2. India owes its development as a nuclear nation to Kalam's organizational and technical support for Pokhran-II nuclear tests in 1998, the first such tests after a gap of 24 years.
3. At ISRO, He was one of the pioneers of India's first space launch-vehicle program.
4. Kalam was recipient of Padma Bhushan, Padma Vibhushan and Bharat Ratna.
5. He was also a recipient of honorary doctorates from 40 universities.
6. A prolific writer, Kalam has authored around 15 books on various subjects ranging from nuclear physics to spiritual experiences.
7. His autobiography Wings of Fire: An Autobiography , first published in English, has been translated into 13 languages including French and Chinese.
8. Also, there are six additional biographies on his life and works.
9. Sworn in on 25 July, 2002, Kalam became 11th President of India, succeeding KR Narayanan. For his simple and humble attitude, he was affectionately known as the 'People's President.'

Facts that most of the people don't know

1. He visited his cobbler from Thiruvananthapuram
2. He asked a question on terrorism on Yahoo Answers
3. He wanted to have Rashtrapati Bhavan powered by solar energy
4. He was a champion of wildlife and nature
5. He donated his presidential salary to charity

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Saturday, 12 January 2013

healthy heart tips

Healthy heart tips

regular health heart tipsEvery person is aware of that health is wealth. A person who is suffering for unhealthy health pays such lot money on doctors, medicines and hospitals. That’s why people not capable to live their life properly. Good health may be a real gold of life. God gave us lovely body but we need so many precautions for building up a good health. If our health is good then we tend to ready to assume new ideas. For good health we avoid the unhealthy habits like drinking, smoking and drug addiction. Use the morning walk daily, use lightweight exercises, take a breath in fresh air, it’s very useful for your lungs. Do not jealous from the others. Take an honest and nutritive diet every day. We must always create the habit of cleanliness to stay healthy. Thus take bath every day, Eat fresh, drink fresh and avoid to eat outsider junk foods. It’s terribly harmful for our health. Build friendship with fresh vegetables, Try to eat more and more green vegetables. Drink fresh homemade combine fruits and vegetables juice every day, it’s very useful to make blood. Its brings glow on face, and makes skin shiny. So friend’s, juice play a very essential roll to make us good looking and healthy.


Vitamins are chemical compounds that need in very little quantities, which are necessary for normal metabolism and health. They are found broadly distributed in food and are divided into two groups:
  • fat-soluble vitamins: A, D, E and K
  • water-soluble vitamins: B complex, C

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Food guide pyramid

What is food pyramid?

A food guide pyramid is a simple way of knowing the kind of food one needs to consume and in what amount to ensure good health. It is obvious that there is interplay of nutrients in the body. When we talk about nutrients it is important to know the quantity that is how much to eat. This can be understood better with the concept of a Food guide pyramid. This can form a foundation for a good diet that provides the essential nutrients.

food pyramid

Definition of RDA

The Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA) is the amount of particular nutrients that must be consumed daily to ensure good health. The RDA % is scientifically calculated and is accepted worldwide.

There are two types of food pyramid:

Food guide pyramid
(for vegetarians)
Food guide pyramid
(for non- vegetarians)

Drink water regularly at least 8 cups of fluid per day

way of reducing salt in you diet

Way of reduce salt in your daily diet

How do I reduce salt in my diet?

Approximately 40% sodium by weight, slat is combination of sodium and chloride. The truth is, our bodies need sodium to help us regulate blood pressure and blood volume. Sodium also assists in keeping our muscles and nerves in tiptop shape. But as in all things, moderation is the ultimate key.Here are some tips that can help you reduce salt in the daily diet:

  1. Choose fresh fruit, unsalted nuts or plain popcorn over chiwda, ganthia, sev, chakli, salted nuts and savory biscuits.
  2. Avoid processed and convenience foods since these are often loaded with salt.
  3. Try not to add salt to food at the table. Try adding pepper or other ground spices.
  4. Choose products that have reduced salt content, such as unsalted butter

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